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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Golden Wednesday!

A nice early start at Strumpshaw was uneventful in terms of birds, but provided good craique in the form of two of Norfolk's nicest naturalists! Norman ( takes fabulous landscape and wildlife photos and is a Strump regular. The second gentleman never offered his name and, to my shame, I failed to ask it! But he is extraordinarily knowledgeable, especially about wild flowers and insects...
I carried on my usual circuit to Buckenham, then up the hill and back round to Strump, picking up a few goodies on the way! Loads of butterflies, but still no Wall Brown! Anyone know where there are some?
I drove home via Zak's on Mousehold Heath: no sign of any hairstreaks (Purple or White Letter) so home in time to see our Golden Girls bring home the rowing bacon in style!

Every boy needs a Hobby!

The UK's tattiest Buzzard!

Cinnabar Moth caterpillar

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