Sunday, 2 March 2014

Two bird theory!

A quick pre-lunch pop out to Cantley turned into a seven-mile, three hour marathon! I started off at the bowling green car-park and walked round the river bank to the path that cuts back to the station, picking up all the usual suspects on the way (Hare, Marsh Harrier, Water Pipit, Herring Gull chasing a crow, Shelduck etc etc) As I walked back to the van an apparent white-winged gull had arrived on the 'Ibis Pool'. I had time for a single distant shot before it flew eastwards. Since the weather seemed set fine, I followed it downstream way beyond the Beet Factory, until I relocated it (or so I thought!) with a huge flock of gulls near the railway line. I sneaked up within binocular view and found it was an adult Iceland Gull: not the bird photographed by Ben, nor the first individual I had seen earlier: as I raised the camera, a train flushed the lot....

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