Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Upton Fen: a happy event?

Just for a change, I took a stroll around the 'long loop' at Upton Fen NNT reserve. The sunny weather had brought out dozens of butterflies, including half a dozen Wall Browns - nice! A Hornet was busily paper-making on an old stump!

Lots of dragons, too - literally scores of Brown Hawkers and hundreds of Migrants: I managed to photograph a Brown just post-emergence. Lots of really bright Emerald Damsels, too: I wonder how long it'll be before Willow Emeralds arrive....

A well-marked Buzzard flew over the reeds, stimulating a hidden pair of Cranes to start trumpeting. As I attempted to photograph the two adults I could see with binoculars, I'm almost certain I caught a glimpse of a brownish juvenile peering over the reeds.

I think the white flower is 'Grass of Parnassus'!


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