Saturday, 17 January 2015

Great Grey Shrike: third time lucky in the Brecks!

Linda & I scraped the frost from the windscreen and headed south to Santon Downham. A circuit of the whole site from bridge to bridge turned up Kingfisher, Siskin and Nuthatch, but no sign of the target bird. Just as we were driving off, we stopped to check with a birder on the road bridge: he said the Shrike had been seen an hour before! We parked and hurried back to the big clearing, where a terrific Suffolk birder called Jonathan offered to show us where the bird had last been seen: within minutes he'd refound it and put us in a good position for some decent photos.....

After a good fill-up, we drove to Mundford for lunch at the excellent Brown's Restaurant before a short visit to Linford Arboretum. Although everything was a bit far away for photography, we added Hawfinch, Bullfinch and Grey Wagtail to the day list. A really terrific session!

Returning home, sunset brought clear skies and further views of Lovejoy, Mercury & Venus!


Jim said...

Brecks look splendid David, must get out there more often this year.
I saw your GND photo- what are the chances! I never did get to see it. The one that got away.
Happy Birding, as always.

David said...

Hi Jim!
I have a real soft spot for the Brecks: there's generally something to see all year round...
I've been given a new, public site for Gos, so I'll be down there again soon!
Cheers, and good birding!