Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Three Garganey at Strumpshaw!

A pleasant saunter around the Fen with Brian, Adrian and journalist Liz was, as expected, not crammed with photographic subjects, but still very enjoyable and vastly preferable to poor Ms Clarke's birdless trudge along the North Coast!

Fen Hide produced Bearded Tit and distant Bittern, as well as a large Otter and several close Marsh Harriers and Sparrowhawks.

Dodging the rainclouds, we moved on to Tower Hide, where three Garganey lounged around on the spit, only occasionally stretching to reveal their distinctively-marked heads and wings and grey bills.
A Little Egret was still trying his luck with a petite female, while a Black-headed Gull took half an hour to swallow a large Rudd.

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