Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lackford Long-tail!

Brian and I grabbed the fine weather opportunity to brave the rush hour traffic and visit the Brecks. First stop was Lackford Lakes: we were the first arrivals but, after a bit of a walk, found ourselves in the right place (Bess's Hide) at the right time. After a semi-anxious five minutes, I suddenly noticed the target bird - a delightful little Long-tailed Duck - swimming towards us with the sun behind it! After a bit of a wait, it swam left giving much better views before flying past us strongly. Other birds included some photogenic Cormorants and a few Grebes, but best of the rest was a group of three Earth Stars: amazing!

We moved on to Linford Arboretum (in search of a reported flock of Crossbills) There was very little about, to be honest: just a couple of Goldeneye on the gravel workings, so, after lunch at 'Brown's, we moved on to Santon Downham. A walk along the river produced Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, Otter, Siskin, Redwing and Nuthatch.

With the clouds beginning to roll in, we called it a day and headed north.


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