Thursday, 19 November 2015

Glossy Ibis, Hoopoe and Black Brant all in a morning!

Not to mention a male Hen Harrier at Felbrigg! What a county for a birder to live in!

Brian and I met at 7.30 and headed northwards, anticipating a decent morning weather-wise. In the event it was cold and overcast, but the Spixworth Hoopoe put in an appearance on cue (albeit still distantly.) We parked at the back gate of Felbrigg Hall and walked through to the lake, picking up a male Hen Harrier being mobbed over the woods by crows on the way. No Goosanders or Mandies on the lake - just a couple of Goldeneyes. From the dam we could see Dave Holman out in the boggy meadows east of the lake, so we squelched out to join him. Almost immediately the Glossy Ibis took off (no - no-one 'spooked it: it was 100m away!) and flew past back to the lake.

After a bit of search we relocated it in a juncus-filled gulley: no chance of photos, so we headed to Cley for lunch. While we were eating our cheese scones four Whoopers flew past heading westwards: my first of the winter!

Both of us had to be home early afternoon, so we called it a day, but stopped at Salthouse to grab a few photos of the Black Brant. OK: none of today's photos are competition standard, but seeing the birds was the buzz for me: the images are secondary (And I didn't pinch them from the 'net!)

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