Saturday, 12 December 2015

Cattle Egret near Sea Palling

Since Linda and I had a busy day ahead, we got up early and whizzed across to Hickling Road, Sea Palling for a bash at the reported Cattle Egret.

Not surprisingly the first person we saw was Tim Allwood who was doing a good (if thankless) job of suggesting suitable parking spots.

Once we'd nestled the car off the road we enjoyed terrific views of this dinky egret as it wandered amongst a herd of White Park Cattle (stunning beasts!) perching on one or another just like Cattle Egrets are supposed to!

Well done whoever found it and thanks to the cheery landowner who popped by to share our enjoyment!


chris said...

Brilliant shots as always David. Lets hope to see more of them Chris

David said...

You are most kind, Chris!