Thursday, 28 January 2016

Down in the Brecks

Brian and Norman were both unfortunately on tight time budgets, so only a morning available for a quick sprint around Lynford and Santon Downham. Despite the shorter-than-usual expedition we had a great time and saw some decent - if common - birds. At the Arboretum there was no sign of any Hawfinches or Crossbills, but there were plenty of Nuthatches, Siskins and Mistle Thrushes.

A move to Santon Downham for the last hour seemed worthwhile and produced a Buzzard, a pretty little Song Thrush, more Siskins, a distant Raven and a confiding Little Egret on the river bank. We drove home past the layby for Grimes Graves and I mentioned the strong possibility of a Great Grey: sadly, there was no time to stop. A glance at the RBA map when I arrived home showed this to have been unfortunate!

This morning Venus was prominent and Jupiter was close to the Moon...

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