Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Bramblings and Buntings at Hemblington

During the weekend's Garden Birdwatch it occurred to me that the new woodland plantations just south of Hemblington Church should be good spots to search for Bramblings. Since I'm without transport until we pick up the new car on Friday, I walked up to Jary's Wood to see if this was the case.

In fact there were several mixed flocks of both finches and buntings feeding on the maize stands left for them by the environmentally-friendly farmers: these held the hoped for Bramblings (100+) as well as Yellowhammers, Goldfinches and Reed Buntings. Other birds included Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay and several Common Buzzards.

There was another, less-impressive display of iridescent clouds around 2.00pm.,..

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