Friday, 11 March 2016

Garden tick! Tree Sparrows on the Heath!

There are genuine benefits in having friends as neighbours, especially if they're both knowledgeable birders!  Two doors away from our bungalow live Sue & Peter, with whom we've shared many birding adventures (and more than a few bottles of wine, too!) Their house looks out over open fields and it's not uncommon for one or other of them to 'phone and alert me to a raptor or some other good bird flying past: it was Peter who first told me that Ring Ouzels are occasional visitors to the stubble field over our garden fence!

I was doing some office work when the phone rang: it was Peter to say that there were two Tree Sparrows on his bird feeders! I rushed round with my camera and managed a few shots from his bedroom window! The birds flew off across our garden, so that'll do for me! Fingers crossed they become regular visitors!


chris said...

Beautiful little birds David. I was glad when I got House sparrows back in the garden. Have put a nest box up for them so hope for the best this spring

David said...

Hi Chris!
We get large flocks of House Sparrows: delightful little birds!