Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers at Santon Downham are like buses...

...once you see one, you see four! Well: Brian Tubby and I did, at least! A morning-only run down to the Brecks paid off with decent views (although hard to photograph) of two pairs of these rare but delightful 'peckers. Even when calling and drumming, they were really hard to locate, due to their tiny size and habit of perching on the other side of the highest branch they could find! In the same area both Green and Great Spotted Woodies were abundant - and a lot more visible!

We twice saw Goshawks dashing across the clearing: I did get some photos, but Brian said they were too poor to put on here! LOL!

Terrific to see were two pairs of Mandarin Ducks, both on the river and perched in trees: these have much greater 'wild' credentials than their cousins on the Thames and in the Royal Parks, I'd imagine.
An RAF Typhoon doing circuits of Lakenheath was unexpected.

A move to Lynford was not very productive, apart from lots of Buzzards thermalling in pairs, threesomes and singly over the woods.

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