Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Strange Chat at Winterton...

This morning I took a six-mile stroll around the north dunes at Winterton with the Bure Valley Conservation Group and chum Sue (from next door!) I'm not a massive fan of group birding, but there were a few highlights: lots of Hirundines moving south, a dozen fresh Wheatears, lots of coasting Buzzards and Marsh Harriers and the regular Skylarks, Linnets and Stonechats. On the sea a Red-throated Diver came quite close in: that was a year tick, amazingly! I failed to come across one during the second winter period, so it was most welcome.

Just the seaward side of the blocks I came across a very brightly-marked Stonechat: it had large, dazzling white wing patches, especially when perching near 'normal' Stonechats. Could it be one of the eastern types?

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