Thursday, 11 May 2017

A pleasant surprise at Buckenham and Turtles on the Heath!

Following a busy morning in the office, I had an hour to spare at lunchtime and thought I'd see if either yesterday's Ring Ouzel or any Yellow Wagtails were showing at Buckenham: they weren't!

Lots of Redshank and Avocets on the pools and the bushes were full of Linnets and Goldfinches: overhead three Buzzards soared together, being joined by a small falcon: too high to say anything other than not a Kestrel or Hobby.

As I walked back to the station I noticed a Blackbird and a Mistle Thrush in the last meadows on the left and stopped to check for the Ring Ouzel. I was pleasantly surprised when a smart Fieldfare wandered out from behind a tussock clump!

I still had time enough to whizz over to Cantley: no Whimbrels, but a dapper Peregrine preening on a chimney was great to see. After a quick lunch I joined Sue and her crew at Hemblington Church for this month's bio-blitz: biggest surprise was a Painted Lady that zipped by! Some interesting wild flowers (including this Herb Robert) and some great news from friend Joyce that Turtle Doves are purring in a regular spot on the Heath: in the past this has been a precursor to them arriving in our garden, so fingers crossed!

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