Monday, 29 May 2017

Norfolk Hawkers and more stunning Hobbies

We're having new flooring laid tomorrow, so most of the day was spent unscrewing beds and dismantling flatpacked bedroom furniture: not my favourite pastimes!

I skipped lunch and headed to Strumpshaw on the offchance of a clearwing moth - in the event, not even a sniff! However, at least four Hobbies were dashing around the western end of the reserve (which was heaving with bank holidaymakers) and suddenly there were Norfolk Hawkers patrolling the dykes in pairs. Lots of Hairy Hawkers too and plenty of damselflies: Azure, Common Blue and Blue-tailed, mostly.

The notorious male Marsh Harrier was doing his best to persuade those who can't count above four that he was a Montagu's: I overheard several people claiming it as such and one as a Hen Harrier!

A very tame Jay has taken up residence by the new dipping pool: strange to recollect that when 'my' team won the national 24 hour birdrace we failed to find a Jay: they are much more widespread now, IMHO!

Nice to bump into several of my old Acle VCP students: hard to believe that the first class of eleven year-olds I taught there are now in their forties!


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