Friday, 2 June 2017

Blooming marvellous!

Sometimes I can be so focused on birds / butterflies / dragonflies that I'm unaware of the beautiful plants around them: however, even I managed to notice these lovely examples!

The orchids are, I think, a Pugsley's and an Early Purple Orchid, while Ragged Robin is one that most people can identify! Yellow Flag is one of my favourite wild flowers and something that many of us take for granted. The large fern is a Royal Fern, Osmunda regalis: I first came across the species on a college field trip to Askham Bog in Yorkshire back in the early seventies. Even then I was impressed by its sheer bulk and flower-like fronds of sporangia.

Last image is of one of the many dopey young Starlings that are currently eating us out of house and home: at any moment there are 30 or 40 in the garden: hardly a minute goes by without one of them thumping into a window or door! A shrug of the head and they're off again!

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