Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Odds and ends at Strumpshaw Fen

Since this morning was forecast to be the last dry spell for a while, I met Brian and Norman at the Fen for a relaxed walk round. To be honest, it was too cool for dragonflies or butterflies and there was no sign of a return wader passage (which has already begun on the North Coast!) but it was still good fun to shoot the breeze. In the Fen Hide we bumped into Brian S and Kevin, who'd had a Kingfisher and a Barn Owl - neither of which came back for a reprise while we were there! Tower Hide was more promising than usual since the water level was down a good half-metre. Nothing too exciting today, though apart from a Common Tern fishing aerobatically in front of the hide.

We finished the circuit, adding a Cetti's Warbler,  our own Kingfisher and a Sparrowhawk before returning home for lunch. On the way I stopped in Bullacebush Lane once again, and once again the Yellow Wagtails were in their regular spot: I managed a couple of distant pictures before they were scattered by the traffic!

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