Sunday, 25 June 2017

Open gardens at Acle

As some of you may know, I taught at Acle Primary School for 18 years: 12 of these were my happiest times as a teacher, not the least because that's where I met Linda! I also met friends Paul and Penny at the school, teaching all three of their lovely daughters and playing in a band of which Paul was the bassist.

They have a beautiful barn conversion just south of the village, where today they and their two neighbours hosted a charity open garden event. Now I know this is allegedly a wildlife blog, but there is a tenuous link, in that all three beautiful gardens were designed with wild plants and creatures in mind. Swallows nest under the pantiles, while bees, butterflies and other insects were abundant.

As you'd expect, Linda and I bumped into lots of people we knew from 'the old days', as well as neighbours Peter and Sue, who arrived too late for me to buy them tea and cake!

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