Thursday, 15 June 2017

Prehistoric plants and Hummers!

The current warm, humid weather is proving to be excellent for our prehistoric fauna collection: all of the outdoor species have had real growth spurts and are looking really green! The species we've collected over the years include Dicksonia (Tree Fern), Wollemi Pine, Araucaria, Metasequoia, Horsetail, Magnolia and Gingko, all of which grew in the Mesozoic forests and marshes 70,000,000 years ago!

 I don't think Humming Bird Hawkmoths were around during the Cretaceous, but they seem to like the Wollemi: there's been one or two on it every day this week!

The indoor collection is also doing OK: several species of Cycad and a Norfolk Island Pine (another Araucaria)

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