Saturday, 22 July 2017

Another milestone reached!

Well: Linda has actually retired! She took her job (as Bursar of a large primary school in the city) when she split from her first husband: we got married a year later: that's 23 years ago, now! As you'll imagine,  it has been quite a wrench for Linda, saying goodbye to so many friends and colleagues, so - kind of on the spur of the moment - I bought some nibbles and champagne and invited friends Sue and Peter to join us in a low-key celebration. In the event, the weather was kind (although we did need to use one of our patio heaters!) and we had a thoroughly enjoyable soiree... We were also joined at the table by a Brown Hawker and a Migrant Hawker: sadly, for P & S, no sign of our 'daily' Hummer!

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