Thursday, 27 July 2017

First day in Suffolk

Arriving in Suffolk at midday, we unloaded and drove a couple of miles to Framlingham  (seeing numerous Buzzards and a Nightingale on the way!) to pick up a few bits and pieces and have lunch. We took a walk to the ruins of the Norman castle and then made our way back to the car. Crossing a small stream, we glanced down and saw a Grey Wagtail picking about on the watermint.

From Framlingham we drove south  to Sizewell to look for Black Redstarts. Despite a good search of the sandy slopes (and a ‘friendly’ interrogation by the local constabulary!) the only interesting birds were the many Kittiwakes that now nest on the water intakes of the power station. Lots of Common Blues flying, which was nice!
Back home for a barbecue and great views of a party of Goldcrests and some of the many Green Woodpeckers that seem to enjoy the closely-cropped grass of the fairways and greens!

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