Friday, 7 July 2017

Spotted Flycatcher on the patch: it's been a while!

Having been asked to photograph some beautiful medieval angel carvings in a local church, I spent a couple of frustrating hours trying to get decent photos as the light levels changed minute to minute. Eventually I managed a few reasonable images and walked out to the car: to my surprise and delight, a juvenile Spotted Flycatcher was perched on the nearest gravestone! Needless to say, my 300mm lens was in the car, so I was forced to sneak past: luckily the little cutie stayed put! There were two youngsters at least, while both parents flitted around in the oak canopy above the car park: a year tick and first for eight years on the 'tight' patch!

Also: pleasing to hear that yesterday's Willow Emerald was the first reported to BUGalert from anywhere in the UK!

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