Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Horned Lark at Staines: and much more too!

A couple of days at Mum-in-Laws in Maidenhead gave me the opportunity to get up early and take the twenty-minute drive to Staines Reservoirs for a belated look at the Horned Lark.

I arrived just as dawn broke and the rain stopped: already a local birder - Bob - was onsite and pointed out a flock of Common Scoter. He confirmed that the Lark was still present and suggested I check the far end of the Causeway - a good 800m. To keep it brief, I walked back and forth three times: two pairs of Black-necked Grebes, five Little Gulls, four Arctic Terns but no Horned Lark!

I needed to be back in Maidenhead by nine, so stopped to say goodbye to Bob: suddenly I spotted the Lark ten feet in front of us! What astonishing luck! Here are some photos with a video to follow!


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