Sunday, 13 May 2018

Black Redstart in the centre of Norwich!

Urban birding at its best! A week ago Linda and I fancied we heard a Black Redstart from the exit to John Lewis' car park, but it was hard to be certain because of the traffic noise. Having seen the bird reported online, we made an early start this morning and were rewarded by views of two birds. One perched on rooftops around the junction of Surrey Street and All Saints Green, allowing excellent photo opps (given the grey overcast and drizzle!) The second bird joined it in flight on Ber Street a couple of times. I suppose the whole exercise only took half an hour, but was made easier by the total lack of people or vehicles!

We moved on to Whitlingham Lane for a brief look for the recent Mandarin: no sign, but a distant tern looked like an Arctic to me... A Great Spotted Woodpecker was the best of the rest!

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