Sunday, 26 August 2018

Halesworth Street Market

As I mentioned earlier in the month, a recent phenomenon in East Anglia has been the street antiques fair: these are popping up everywhere! If you've never attended one, you might be surprised how enjoyable they can be! There's something for everyone, from jewellery, collectables, books, fossils, old tools, fabrics... I even saw an Optolyth spotting scope today for £99! I really fancied one of the framed Deaths Head Hawkmoths, but they were, I thought, a bit expensive at £40.

Typically the cafes and pubs open early for breakfast: the place Linda and I chose for a cup of tea had a fantastic carved wooden fascia. Lots of stalls selling home made pastries and cakes, including several offering vegan and vegetarian options.

As usual we found a few decent items to add to our various collections, left before the rain and were home in time to watch the Spa Grand Prix!

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