Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Hummers at Holme!

Brian, Norman and I enjoyed a relaxed day on the North Coast, finishing with ice creams at Holme NWT reserve. Our target bird here was Wood Sandpiper, which we added to our haul of Commons and Greens: details in the next post!

Meanwhile: here are some gorgeous Humming Bird Hawk Moths: there were three of these delightful sprites feeding on just one Buddleia bush by the patio.


Paul Davidson said...

Hi David

Enjoying the blog as ever.

I went to great lengths this year to plant several high nectar butterfly friendly plants as recommended by a guy that runs a butterfly house somewhere in Kent. I saw this in an old online Daily Telegraph article

The results to date to say the least have been highly disappointing!

The silver lining is that I too for the first time have had Hummingbird Hawk Moths in my Thorpe St Andrew garden. What interesting little creatures they are!


David said...

Hi Paul!
Yes: it's been a bit 'slow' for butterflies this year, although Linda's intense plantings of nectar flowers (for the bees!) has enticed a good variety. Valerian (Centranthus) is by far the most popular!

Great to have Hummers in your garden: what were they feeding on?

Paul Davidson said...

Generally they were feeding on some dwarf buddleia that I had planted in my raised beds.

I'll add Valerian for next year, thanks for the tip!