Sunday, 21 April 2019

Norfolk Showground Antiques Fair: a couple of incredible bargains!

Linda and I left home early and were browsing in the sunshine before 8.45. Almost the very first stall produced the finds of the day: a one metre museum replica Ichthyosaur skeleton and a huge slab of Barytes crystals (around 50cm, with a mass of 2kg) The skeleton cost just £15: online it sells for £150 - £200, while the crystal slab was just a few pounds more! These are already installed in the garden (too large for indoors) and look really terrific.

Antique fairs are held twice a year at the Showground: typically it's cold or pouring with rain, so today was a pleasant change! Lots to look at: Linda bought some jewellery and a few more 'bits' for the garden. We were tempted by a wrought iron plant stand and some antique glasses to add to our small collection, but resisted in the end!

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