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Saturday, 24 April 2021

That's all folks! (Probably...)

Since only a handful of people joined last night's Zoom meeting, I may cancel my subscription and stop doing any more presentations. The Powerpoints take a long time to put together and, since C-19 has more or less caused me to retire from public lecturing, it's probably not worth the effort! I might - if there's a demand - post a few more on YouTube...

Thanks to the thirty or so people who attended the meetings: hope you found them entertaining / thought provoking / interesting.


TPM said...

That's a shame David, I have found these very interesting so far. Maybe the move to Friday has meant lees people can attend, as society begins to open up again, as I couldn't the previous week for example, but obviously needs to be the best time for yourself given your putting yourself out doing them.

Would be a shame to not have anymore but appreciate the work involved in the slides and prep. Personally would be fine with less sides as the commentary/explaining/thoughts from yourself and interesting questions afer are the main thing!

Anyway hope to see these carry on but if not thanks for the ones that have occurred.

TPM (aka Chris the one on mute always!...simply because of the background noise in my household thats invariable going on as I join the zoom!)

David said...

That's kind of you! I'll probably try a couple more and see how it goes: I do enjoy the chats after the meetings!