Other people's sites: the ones I check every day!

Brian Tubby's
...beautiful images: I was with him when he took most of them!

Norman Tottle
..is a true technician: his wildlife images are exquisite and his use of advanced techniques for mood and texture are amazing

Mike Lawrence is not just a terrifically knowledgeable birder, but an amazing artist too!

Stewart Sexton
… is one of the UK's premier birders: his bird art is superb and his diary-style is relaxed and informative. (He recently co-discovered a Giant Petrel!)

Peter Ransome
..writes the always-informative 'Lowestoft Birding' blog: full of fascinating detail about East Suffolk's birdlife. Peter has seen - and self-found - more rare birds and insects than almost anyone I know of!

Kevin Fulcher
..is a top bloke and Fen regular, who takes exquisite photos.

Ben Lewis is a Manager at Strumpshaw Fen and - although he won't admit it! - a bit of a twitcher. If it's in the Yare Valley, he usually finds it first! Rarely updated these days, but lots of good links...

Rare Bird Network: free and accurate up-to-date bird news on Twitter. A fabulous resource!

Chris Elmer is a really great guy who is passionate about wildlife: this is his Flickr page.

Chris Lansdell's birding and nature blog: beautifully written and regularly updated.

Sue Bryan is one of the 'greats' of Norfolk birding, with huge UK and world lists. She's an ex-teacher and works at Titchwell: her blog is chaotic, but full of information!

A really enthusiastiic patcher: anyone who spends as much time as James at Whitlingham CP deserves kudos!

Steven Fryer is a fine photographer with some dragonfly shots to die for! His blog has moved and he now has even better habitat to write about!

Jim is a teacher and dedicated patcher.... That rings a few bells! LOL!

A fascinating and lively blog, written by a real enthusiast!

Andy McKay's blog - 'though not frequently updated - is a hoot! Also, Andy is one of the best wildlife artists around!

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