Other people's sites: the ones I check every day!

Brian Tubby's
...beautiful images: I was with him when he took most of them!

Norman Tottle
..is a true technician: his wildlife images are exquisite and his use of advanced techniques for mood and texture are amazing

Brian Shreeve
..is another patient and skillful photographer: his Owl images are amazing!

Peter Ransome
..writes the always-informative 'Lowestoft Birding' blog: full of fascinating detail about East Suffolk's birdlife. Peter has seen - and self-found - more rare birds and insects than almost anyone I know of!

Kevin Fulcher
..is a top bloke and Fen regular, who takes exquisite photos.

Sarah is a Science teacher and wildlife blogger who seems to visit all the same local reserves as I do! I really enjoy reading her beautifully-crafted diary...

Ben Lewis is a Manager at Strumpshaw Fen and - although he won't admit it! - a bit of a twitcher. If it's in the Yare Valley, he usually finds it first! Rarely updated these days, but lots of good links...

Rare Bird Network: free and accurate up-to-date bird news on Twitter. A fabulous resource!

Chris Elmer is a really great guy who is passionate about wildlife: this is his Flickr page.

Chris Lansdell's birding and nature blog: beautifully written and regularly updated.

Adrian Riley is one of only a handful of people to have seen all of the UK species / sub-species of Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies! His website is a fabulous resource, with up-to-date sightings news. (He also wrote one of the best twitching books ever published!)

Sue Bryan is one of the 'greats' of Norfolk birding, with huge UK and world lists. Unlike most of us, she 'puts back', volunteering at Titchwell. A great blog from a truly excellent person!

A really enthusiastiic patcher: anyone who spends as much time as James at Whitlingham CP deserves kudos!

Steven Fryer is a fine photographer with some dragonfly shots to die for! His blog has moved and he now has even better habitat to write about!

Jim is a teacher and dedicated patcher.... That rings a few bells! LOL!

A fascinating and lively blog, written by a real enthusiast!

Andy McKay's blog - 'though not frequently updated - is a hoot! Also, Andy is one of the best wildlife artists around!

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