Thursday, 30 January 2014

Patch tick! But some do escape the camera....

A murky and somewhat damp walk around the Fen (from 7.45 - 10) was almost devoid of interest: a few distant Bullfinches, a couple of Marsh Harriers, half a dozen Whoopers over and Christine, a pleasant lady-birder for company in Fen Hide. As I approached the Pumphouse, I spotted a small Grebe on the far bank of the River Yare: one quick shot before it dived was all I managed. I waited half an hour, but it never reappeared. Nevertheless, I'd seen enough to know it was a Slavonian Grebe - a patch tick for me!

If I fail to get a picture, I frequently forget what I've seen over the course of a long walk: the Grebe reminded me that I'd seen another new patch bird on Tuesday - a dapper little Male Merlin that flew from a tree to the left of Fen Hide.

An amusing incident occurred as I drove past Strumpshaw yesterday: a Woodcock flew between the beaters to escape the line of 'Hoorays'! Good for him!

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