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Saturday 31 January 2015

Mediterranean Gull at Thorpe Green

Since Linda hadn't yet had the pleasure, we stopped off at Thorpe riverside to look for the long-staying Med Gull. It duly obliged, with such close views that Linda was able to take these photos with her phone!

Since it was coming so close (almost to bread, in fact!) we could hear that it was making an un-gull-like high-pitched squeak: really cute!

Friday 30 January 2015

Suffolk with Martin!

Despite the gloomy prognostications of the weather forecasters, Martin & I decided on a day out in East Suffolk.

First stop was Beccles Quay, so Martin could catch up with the long-staying Scaup: they were very obliging today and only detained us for ten minutes!

From there we carried on to Minsmere: virtually as soon as we arrived, we realised we weren't going to add much to the tally: there were drag-hoes and JCBs everywhere! Nevertheless, several Stonechats, a couple of Pintail, a Bullfinch and a huge (400+) flock of Siskins were good to see.

Last stop was Dunwich Heath, where a shortish walk found us enjoying brief - but more than satisfactory - views of a pair of Dartford Warblers (and more Stonechats!) Last 'goodie' was a curiously short-tailed Stoat by the van!

Thursday 29 January 2015

Fabulous full house in the Yare Valley!

Great morning with the Thursday Crew at the Fen: Brian, Kim, Norman & Liz D were in Fen Hide when I arrived at around 8.00.

Plenty of Harriers leaving roost (and being harassed by crows as they did so!) a Bittern flew across the reeds and Chinese Water Deer were much in evidence. Best photo op here, though, was this beautiful young male Fox: best images I've ever managed.

The walk round to Buckenham produced a pair of Stonechats by the pump-house and a strikingly marked displaying pair of Common Buzzards.

At Buckenham virtually the same variety of birds were on offer: a female Stonechat, a pair of Buzzards and several Marsh Harriers. In addition there were at least 3,000 Wigeon still, a few Pink-footed and White-fronted Geese and a couple of Ruff.

As we returned through the woods at Strumpshaw a confiding Nuthatch was feeding on 'the stump'....

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Oh you Little Bustard!

I spent the morning on the patch at Strumpshaw, Buckenham & Cantley: to be honest, there was very little about, the star items at the Fen being a distant Fox and a pair of Stonechats. Other birds there included a dozen Marsh Harriers, a couple of Bullfinches and a few Cetti's. By the Hall, a Peacock was in fine fettle....

Buckenham held a few distant Pink-feet and Marshies, while the only bird of note at Cantley was a possible Caspian Gull.

Returning home, I noticed a guy peering into a ploughed field along Bullacebush Lane. He was only armed with a small, cheap-looking pair of binoculars, so I didn't stop to ask what he'd found. Arriving home, Martin e-mailed to say that a Little Bustard had been reported in that general area. I wonder....

(Edit: I now find that a Little B was reportedly picked up dead at Blofield. Confusing, since RBA has a red star on its map saying 'No sign of the Little Bustard'. Not surprising, if it's dead! )

Monday 26 January 2015

Gawp @ Scaup! Beccles Quay dash...

Scaup are, of course, seaducks: it's very unusual to see them close-up, never mind well inland! This couple (presumably females, one immature) have been hanging around Beccles Quay for a few days, allowing ridiculously good views! Needless to say, I disrupted my work agenda to go and have a look! They took a few minutes to put in an appearance before swimming off into town...

I stopped at Haddiscoe on the way home, parking under the bridge and walking about four miles along the concrete road and back. Distant views of several Marshies, a Common Buzzard and a Rough-leg: the only reasonable shot was one of several Stonechat I came across.


Sunday 25 January 2015

I see the Moon, the Moon sees me.....

Out looking at 'Lovejoy': still easily visible with bins! I couldn't resist a few shots of the Moon with the Sigma 150 - 500....