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Tuesday 31 May 2022


Just before sunset a brief gap in the clouds allowed me to photograph a very watery Sun: just a couple of small sun spot groups, but always interesting to watch them develop.

SYNERGY playing for the Jubilee!

Come and listen to Norfolk Supergroup 'SYNERGY', with members who've been playing al over East Anglia for decades in bands including Serious Risk, The Divide, Knight Moves, Mother Blackcap and Egypt. We're a function outfit, covering the Stones, Santana, Cream, Free and all your other favourites! 

Monday 30 May 2022

Best garden plant for Butterflies?

This Painted Lady has been feeding on the same Erysmium plants for four or more days! For the past couple it's been joined by three mint-fresh Small Tortoiseshells. Occasionally they visit the Californian Lilac above, but that's running low on nectar now...

Sunday 29 May 2022

A bit of sunshine brings out the raptors!

While Linda and I were doing a spot of garden maintenance, we were continually distracted by raptors circling over the garden: Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Kestrels and Marsh Harriers all put in an appearance before the rain set in!

Saturday 28 May 2022

Lesser Grey Shrike: cleared for take off!

Since Linda and I needed to do a small supermarket shop, we detoured to Hellesdon to catch up with a newly-arrived Lesser Grey Shrike on the Airport perimeter fence. A short walk from the conveniently close 'Nest' car park found us joining a small group of birders to enjoy somewhat distant views of yet another good bird for the year list.

Despite the gloomy conditions, the bird's pinkish flush was visible as it continually hunted for insects in the grass below the fence. We could, I'm sure have moved forward twenty yards without disturbing the delightful waif, but a self-appointed 'marshal' had drawn a line in the sand! Still: a terrific and most-welcome bird.

Stone Curlews, Bitterns and much more besides!

Linda, Sue, Peter and I took advantage of the sunny (if somewhat cool) weather to visit some sites in the south west of the county.

First stop was Weeting Heath, where a pair of Stone Curlews and their two chicks were showing well. Despite a good search, I failed to locate any of the Spotted Flycatchers that were reported in the woodland belt before we moved on to Lakenheath RSPB. As expected, lots of Hobbies were tazzing around: to these we added Bittern, Great White Egret and numerous Cuckoos during an enjoyable picnic lunch at the Joist Fen watchpoint.

The last hour or so was spent at Foulden Common, looking for rare Skippers. Despite an exhaustive search, we only managed to find Dingy Skipper and Small Heath among the many confusing day-flying moths.

Wednesday 25 May 2022

Great Northern Diver at Hickling - but no WTL

Brian, Norman and I made the short journey to Hickling in a belated attempt to catch up with yesterday's White-tailed Lapwing. Despite an early start and three hours standing in the cool, blustery breeze, the target bird failed to put in an appearance. There were a few consolation bits and pieces: the Caspian Tern, Hobby, Crane and - most surprising - a juvenile Great Northern Diver!