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Tuesday 30 April 2024

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Arundel

While we were down in Sussex we visited the terrific WWT reserve right by Arundel Castle. In the past we've seen some amazing wild birds here, but on this visit there were no egrets at all. However, we did see Lesser Whitethroat, Glossy Ibis and Peregrine, as well as the amazing waterfowl at feeding time, Other species included Great Spot, Cuckoo, Red Kite and Raven: plenty of fat little Toad tadpoles were good to come across. Not bad for a day out with Mum-in-Law! 

Monday 29 April 2024

A few days in Sussex..

Linda and I booked our usual farm cottage  at Findon, West Sussex. Our 'regular' cottage was booked, so we stayed in its mirror-imaged other half.

On our way down we enjoyed a flock of Ring-necked Parakeets over the M11, while as soon as we arrived in Sussex we added White Wagtail, Red Kite and Buzzard (Despite the pouring rain)
Having left the curtains open as night fell, we were delighted to see a Barn Owl glide quietly past.

A trip out to Arundel Wetlands Trust included a boat trip in the sunshine and added Peregrine, Reed Warbler and Raven to the year list, while lunch by the river was enlived by a distant, small heron... Bittern?

Thursday 25 April 2024

Weeting Heath Airshow!

While we were visiting the Brecks yesterday, we were treated to terrific views of the USAF's fighter armoury: F15s, F16s and F35s were almost continually overhead. Great stuff (if, as I do, you like that sort of thing!)
Still haven't caught up with an F22 yet...

Wednesday 24 April 2024

Stone Curlews at Weeting Heath...

 ...and lots more besides! Linda, Sue, Peter and I decided to make a first visit this year to the Stone Curlews at Weeting Heath, arriving befoire the heat haze was too bad! There were three birds visible in front of the hide, sitting close to the camera and its power supply! Other birds included Woodlark, Curlew, Wheatear (very distantly!) Buzzard and Mistle Thrush.

We moved on to Lakenheath just as the weather turned colder and wetter: we dodged the showers by moving from one hide to the next, somehow managing to  hear Nightingale, Cuckoo and Garden Warbler and seeing Roe and Muntjac Deer. A Cootlet was so ugly that it was appealing! House Martin was new for the year.

After lunch at Brown's, our last stop was Lynford Arboretum, where a walk around gave us fleeting (but adequate) views of both Firecrest and Goldcrest, but little else apart from a Bullfinch...

Monday 22 April 2024

A morning at Cley

Norman and I decided to make best use of the predicted fine weather by visiting Cley NNT Reserve. Nothing spectacular had been reported, so we decided on a search from the Centre and Bishop's Hides before walking the entire perimeter. As expected, nothing too special, but a couple of Spoonbills were good to see, as were Sedge Warblers, Golden Plovers and a possible Caspian Gull. Swallows have arrived in numbers and were already prospecting Dauke's Hide for nest sites! Overhead a C130 patrolled the coast, while both F35 and F15 fighters were 'top gunning' all morning!

A walk out to Gramborough added just a few Stonechats and Linnets to the day list, but a flock of Scoter close in was interesting.