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Monday 27 February 2023

Two conjunctions! Jupiter and Venus, the Moon and Mars (And a faint aurora)

In the west Jupiter and Venus are edging ever nearer, while to the south of overhead the Moon is moving rapidly towards Mars.

A probable aurora alert sent Linda and me off to the top of the heath: we arrived in time to see a faint green arc across the northern sky, but it quickly faded...

Red Kite over the garden! It's been a while...

It's been several months since we've had a Red Kite over the garden: today one circled low right over the house before being seen off by a Jackdaw.

Synergy rocks the Acle Beer Festival!

Terrific night for the band: the beer festival had 'Full up' boards outside, so we played to a rammed venue for three hours: lots of dancing and audience participation - one of our best gigs to date!

Saturday 25 February 2023

Get it while it's hot! Rock and blues at Acle

If you live in Broadland / East Norfolk and you're a fan of rock and blues music you could do a lot worse than pop in to Acle Beer Festival tomorrow, Sunday February 26th. My band Synergy will be playing three sets of classic guitar rock from 3.00pm until 6.00pm. It's all free, and there's always a terrific selection of food and drink available!

Friday 24 February 2023

More dinosaur teeth!

A friendly dealer I've known for years has added four Triceratops teeth to my collection: I really just need an Iguanodon now to finish the set! 'Trikes' are probably many people's favourite dinosaur: I like to think they could see off a Tyrannosaurus with their awesome horns. (For a large creature, the teeth are surprisingly small, aren't they?)

Thursday 23 February 2023

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon

Clouds prevented me seeing the main event last night, but the trio were still very impressive just after sunset tonight. Orion was, as always, a terrific sight in the south-eastern sky

Resident raptors!

Bad news for the Collared Doves that visit our garden! This little male Sparrowhawk and his mate visit every day: sometimes only a pile of feathers is the only evidence, sometimes the birds themselves sit in the sycamore and survey their territory for an hour or so!

Wednesday 22 February 2023


The long-anticipated conjunction between Jupiter, the Moon and Venus took place tonight - but wouldn't you know it? It was cloudy here in East Norfolk. Just a tiny gap appeared thirty minutes before moonset, allowing me a glimpse of Venus.

Still: there's an extraordinarly close meeting of Jupiter and Venus on the 28th: well worth a look!

Snow Buntings at Cley: a short video

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Jupiter, Venus and the crescent Moon

Very close in the sky just after sunset tonight: if it's clear tomorrow, they'll be even closer, with the Moon in between the two planets - a rare sight! (Jupiter at the top)

Odds and ends at Cley and Filby

A morning's run out with Norman and Brian took us firstly to Cley and then, on the way home, to Filby Broad.

Cley was good fun, with some very confiding Snow Buntings at the back of Arnold's Marsh and the long-staying Long-billed Dowitcher on Pat's Pool (Albeit somewhat distantly!) A brief seawatch produced Common Scoter and a C130 Hercules low over the coastguards.

After coffee we moved on to Filby, where we parked in the village hall before making the trek down Rugg's Lane to the new cut reed area. A small group of Essex birders were kind enough to let us look through their 'scope at the three Ferruginous Ducks over the far side of the Broad: no sign of the female Ring-necked Duck, sadly...