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Sunday 30 April 2023

Beccles Antiques Fair

This event used to be one of the highlights of the Spring for LInda and me, but, while still worth a look, it's a shadow of its former self!

The fair used to be in the town itself, with stalls spread all round the centre and surrounding streets and squares: now it's in a field by Beccles Quay. Not only has the event (in our opinion) lost some of its atmosphere, but coffee shops, cafes and other outlets no longer open...

Wonderful crater fields on the Moon

The sky was really clear at sunset, allowing great views of the crater fields at the Moon's South Pole. The giant crater Clavius, with its numerous younger 'daughter' craters, was particularly attractive, while the terraced crater Copernicus stood out in high relief to the north.

Saturday 29 April 2023

The International Space Station in May

Some super-bright passes by the ISS in May: unfortunately they are all very early in the morning - night owls and astronomers only!

Friday 28 April 2023

Hemblington churchyard wildlife survey

It's that time again! Sue, Linda, Peter and I met at Hemblington Church under threatening, gloomy skies to carry out this month's survey. All the usual bird suspects turned up, with the addition of a Chiffchaff and Greylag Goose.  Perhaps next month we'll see some summer migrants!

Thursday 27 April 2023

Shooting through the clouds...

Beautiful first quarter Moon last night: although it was covered by thin cloud, it - and Venus - were terrific objects soon after sunset.

Wednesday 26 April 2023


Brian and I decided to head south for a change (partly in hope that yesterday's Lound Night Herons would be relocated) Also: we haven't visited Minsmere for over a year and there's generally something of interest to look at. Today was largely an exception!

Half a dozen new 'year ticks', but no Ouzels, Garganey or close up Bitterns - although we did see a distant bird skim over the reedbeds from Island Mere hide. After a good soaking on the way to the impressive new East Hide and back to the reserve centre, the veggie sausage roll was most welcome. Afterwards we returned for another look at the woodland: a trio of Muntjac were interesting to watch...

We returned to Norfolk by way of Filby, where two of the reported Ferruginous Ducks were distantly visible...

Monday 24 April 2023

Foiled by the weather!

It's not just birding that suffers when the seasons get it all wrong: last night there should have been a memorable display of the aurora borealis, with the Aurora Watch website recording one of the highest levels of geo-magnetic activity for years. What did we have in East Norfolk? Heavy rain all night until dawn!

Saturday 22 April 2023

Friends of Hemblington Church AGM

The annual AGM of the Friends of the Church group took place this afternoon, being preceeded by a fascinating talk by historian Dr Ian Hinton. This covered the evolution of church architecture in Broadland from Saxon times to the present day, adding considerably to everyone's knowledge and dispelling plenty of popularly-held beliefs. ( I always thought that round towered churches in Norfolk were Saxon: but they're not!)

Tea and biscuits was followed by the AGM: terrific to see the beautiful little church absolutely full to the rafters...

Thursday 20 April 2023

A trio of Marsh Harriers past the garden

At various times today three Marsh Harriers flew across the field at the end of the garden: adult male and female and this, I assume, juvenile male. With several Buzzards and a Red Kite, it's been a good day for raptors over this part of the Heath.

Wednesday 19 April 2023

Garden Kite

Interesting to reminisce that I once drove all the way to Wales to see my first Red Kite (near Cynghordy) Similarly, I recall the excitement back in the eighties when pairs nested closer to home at Somerleyton and Hoveton: now Red Kites are a virtually daily garden fly-over - this one actually drifted across below roof height!

When my Mum-in-Law lived in Maidenhead, a neighbour used to put chicken carcases on the roof of her garage, attracting half a dozen Kites at a time: however, I doubt if that would be a popular move here on the Heath!