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My favourite blogs: the ones I look at most days!

Mark Cocker Wildlife Art    A fantastic Norfolk wildlife artist!

James Emerson's Birds & Beer  This guy just lives for wildlife: if it crawls, flies, swims or just grows, he's on its case!

Penny Clarke's informative and entertaining blog

Boulmer Birder  Stewart Sexton is a terrific bird artist and photographer. I don't get up to the North-East as much as I'd like, but when I do, this blog sets the agenda!

Dorset Dipper This very amusing - and informative blog - really is one I look at frequently!

Mike Lawrence is a terrific local artist / birder, based on the coast at Trimingham

Chris Lansdell's BlogSpot   Chris and his brother have been on the scene for decades: great guys, with a wealth of bird knowledge.

Yare Valley Wildlife is maintained by Steve Smith and Justin Lansdell: a terrific resource.

Lowestoft Birding  Peter Ransome is one of a number of dedicated Suffolk patchers: a great source of info from 'the wrong side of the Waveney'

The Autistic Naturalist  Sean is an enthusiastic naturalist who volunteers at Strumpshaw Fen and delights in recording his observations with camera and paintbrush!

Wheatears in the Mist  Adam Pointer is a very keen patcher, with great local knowledge

Notes from the Valley  Jim doesn't post that frequently, but he has a terrific literary style and an intimate knowledge of the southern Yare reserves

Leicester Llama  Andrew Mackay hasn't updated his blog for six years, but it's still worth a look! There's a link to his professional illustration site: wow!

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