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Apollo Astronauts I've met

During the nearly twenty years I traded in flown-in-space memorabilia, I had the opportunity to meet almost all of the surviving Apollo Astronauts (ie: those involved in the program to put a human being on the Moon) Over this time I came to know some of them very well, enjoying more than a few glasses of wine and some great conversations: these formed the basis of my first book 'Our Forbidden Moon'.

Col. Buzz Aldrin, Apollo11

Gen. Charlie Duke, Apollo 16

Capt. Alan Bean, Apollo12

Col. David Scott, Apollo 15

Capt. Dick Gordon, Apollo12

Capt. Ed Mitchell, Apollo14

Capt. Fred Haise, Apollo 13

Capt. Gene Cernan, Apollo 17

Capt. Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 (with one of my lunar meteorites!)

Brig. Gen. Jim McDivitt, Apollo 9

Rusty Schweickart. Apollo 9

Gen Tom Stafford, Apollo 10

Col. Walt Cunningham. Apollo 7

Col. Al Worden, Apollo 15

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