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Monday 22 April 2024

A morning at Cley

Norman and I decided to make best use of the predicted fine weather by visiting Cley NNT Reserve. Nothing spectacular had been reported, so we decided on a search from the Centre and Bishop's Hides before walking the entire perimeter. As expected, nothing too special, but a couple of Spoonbills were good to see, as were Sedge Warblers, Golden Plovers and a possible Caspian Gull. Swallows have arrived in numbers and were already prospecting Dauke's Hide for nest sites! Overhead a C130 patrolled the coast, while both F35 and F15 fighters were 'top gunning' all morning!

A walk out to Gramborough added just a few Stonechats and Linnets to the day list, but a flock of Scoter close in was interesting.

Sunday 21 April 2024


The Sun has produced a decent crop of sunspots today: I managed a couple of photos through the clouds just before sunset.

Friday 19 April 2024

Ring Ouzel at Lakenham

Since Linda and I had a bit of shopping to do, we thought we'd combine a visit to ASDA with a quick look for the reported Ring Ouzel at the Lakenham Car Boot field. There were only a couple of small gaps in the hedge, but - with perseverance - we managed distant, fleeting views and a couple of photos. Incidentally: I've never seen so many rabbits in my life!

Thursday 18 April 2024

Garganeys and other goodies at Hickling

Since Brian and Norman are both off on their travels, I was in need of a morning in the fresh air. Accordingly Linda and I decided on a walk around Hickling NNT reserve, before a visit to buy bird food at nearby Latham's. 

Despite the watery sunshine, the air was still coolish, but Wilow Warblers had obviously arrived in some numbers and were calling from every suitable copse! Also new for the year were several Whitethroats and - star birds - at least half a dozen Garganey on Brendon's Marsh, including four males. A confiding Crane was good to see, as were three Cootlets taking their first swim in front of Secker's Hide.

Wednesday 17 April 2024

Hemblington Church bird survey

Despite a cool breeze and the threat of rain, Linda, Sue, Peter and I managed to fit this month's survey in among all our other planned activities! Just a few signs of spring, but the low temperature (just 8 degrees) kept most species hunkered down. Best bird, I suppose, was the female Merlin that flew low right in front of our car by Hemblington Hall.

On the short drive home Linda and I stopped to say hello to one of 'our' local Little Owls: angry-looking little chap, isn't he?

Tuesday 16 April 2024

The International Space Station over the UK

Here are the passes by the ISS for the next few weeks: these include several incredibly bright transits. Sadly, however, they are all very early in the morning!

Linda's bees depart for their new home...

A very sad day for Linda - and me - as the beehives are transported fifteen miles away to their new location on a Broadland farm. Many thanks to Katie and Pete for their advice, help and new site.

Our visit from the Environmental Protection Officer confirmed that we were under no obligation to move the hives: he described our garden as a '...haven for wildlife' and gave us his card in case our 'neighbour' (I use the term as a purely geographical term) caused us any further distress.

Hopefully Linda can continue to keep hives and produce quality honey for years to come.