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Thursday 30 April 2015

Turtle update

Both Turtle Doves spent much of the afternoon  in and around the garden today: they seem to have gone to roost with their pigeon buddies in the Sycamore at the end of the lawn.

I find it quite ironic that 'my' Turtles have featured in 'news round-ups' on a number of other blogs, with no acknowledgement of where the info came from!

Horsey run-around!

Just a brief window of opportunity this morning, so (with nothing special around the County) I drove over to Horsey Gap and walked a six-mile loop north and then south.

Lots of Stonechats and Wheatears and at least two reeling Grasshopper Warblers were notable, as were several pairs of Marsh Harriers and Sparrowhawks. A few Swallows and Whimbrel flew through but best of all was a flock of seven Cranes 'escorting' a helicopter in from the North Sea!

Still a few seals, including a youngish pup being harassed by a Retriever: its daft young cow of an owner seemed to be amused by the whole thing.... I took her photograph, but have decided not to put it on the blog.

Last stop was Breydon, where a Whimbrel gave close views and a Rough-legged Buzzard even closer ones on the way out of Yarmouth (but nowhere to stop unfortunately!)

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Two's company!

Today Turtle number two arrived: slightly larger and a bit paler, it stayed in the tree while the smaller (male?) bird fed.

A walk to Buckenham

A brief (if breezy!) lacuna in the weather sent me off to Buckenham Marshes just in case yesterday's GWE was still around. Well: it may have been, but I didn't see it!
Plenty of other good photographic subjects: Linnet, Sedge Warbler, Redshank and Curlew all brightened up the morning, while five Avocets approached near enough for a photo at the windpump scrape.
On the way home I couldn't resist a quick couple of snaps of the local Hares and Little Owl!


Tuesday 28 April 2015

They're back!!!

It's like that film 'Field of Dreams': build it and they'll come!
I looked from the office window just after lunch and there was a Turtle Dove! This is an unbelievable thrill: nine years in a row. Total credit to Linda and her £30 per week investment in bird food: she fills the feeders and trays at 6.00am every day of the year, regardless of the weather.

No apologies for posting several photos of this beautiful bird!

Monday 27 April 2015

First Damsel of the year!

Walked round with Adrian F, and enjoyed a bit of warmth and a few freshly-arrived migrants: Sedge, Reed, Garden & Willow Warblers, Blackcaps and Whitethroats. Lots of Buzzards & Marsh Harriers and a Peregrine drifted high over the reedbeds: I'm told we missed Crane & White Stork, but we did manage seven Whimbrel and five Ruff at Buckenham.

First Odonata of the year: a couple of Large Red Damselflies were along the 'back path'. Lots of Orange Tips, Small Torts and Peacocks, as well as a few Speckled Woods, Holly Blues and Large Whites.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Finally! My book is virtually ready for publication!

Hopefully available from Amazon in mid-June, this, the first in a short series, deals with the complex reasons why the Apollo Lunar Program was abruptly terminated in 1972.

Nick Pope ( one-time officer i/c  the MoD's UFO desk) has kindly agreed to write the foreword

Friday 24 April 2015

Buckenham ten minutes!

Since I had to go to the Post Office this morning, I took the camera and had a quick 'up and down' at Buckenham, just in case anything new had crept in overnight!

This didn't seem to be the case: no sign of any Garganeys, Storks or Cranes, but lots of Sedge Warblers, Linnets and Buzzards.

Having read on BF of a Wood Duck at Felbrigg (wasn't there yesterday, I assure you!) I thought I'd check my local pair were still in residence: they were!

Thursday 23 April 2015

Ouzels galore and a Blue-headed Wagtail.

A terrific day out with Martin on an unexpectedly sunny North Coast. First stop was Kelling Water Meadows: Martin was keen to see the Yellow Wagtails and we soon found twelve of them. Even better, there was at least one Blue-headed Wagtail among them!

A move to Cley failed to produce the Gropper which had been performing earlier, although a Cetti's Warbler was almost showy!

After coffee and scones on the new patio, we decided to move inland to look for Mandarins at Felbrigg. Amazingly, we found a very confiding pair which drifted out from under the bushes into full sunlight!

Even better, we suddenly found ourselves looking at twelve Ring Ouzels! Although they never came very close, they were a spectacular sight. Walking back to the van we added Barn Owl (a really pale one!) and an obliging Chiffchaff to the tally.