My bird art!

I don't claim to be a good artist by any means: but I do enjoy having a bash in a variety of media. Here are some examples:

Ancient Murrelet: I believe my birding mate Martin & I were among the last\
handful who saw this from the cliffs on Lundy...

Nutcracker: I've seen just two in 40 years birding!

Little Auks: always a thrill to witness a passage of these Arctic sprites!

Aquatic Warbler: I've only ever seen these at Marazion Marsh,
en route to the Scillonian pelagics!

Cirl Buntings used to be really hard to see except at Prawle Point
and  Exminster Hospital: now they're widespread in the SW

American Wigeon: virtually annual, my first was at Blickling Hall Lake

Well I thought it was a Gyr at the time! RGM subsequently
i/d'd it as a Gyr-Saker hybrid. Hmmmmm....

An exercise in pointilism! Honeys at Sandringham when they
were relatively easy to see in several Norfolk locations

Phal at Cley

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