Monday, 24 April 2017

Savi's Warbler at Hickling and a few other decent year ticks..

The weather forecast was, to say the least, unpromising, but I thought I'd dash out to Buckenham at 7.15 to see if I could catch up with Yellow Wag or Garganey: I didn't! However, the first half dozen Swifts of the year were most welcome, and there were a few photogenic Linnets and Water Deer along the path. As I was leaving, I bumped into a pleasant guy from Essex - Richard, I think - who'd just seen the Savi's at Hickling. Since it still wasn't raining (even after we'd enjoyed a longish chat about the various good birds we'd seen in Essex and Kent!) I thought I'd try my luck.

Parking at Potter church, I walked round to the hide overlooking Rush Hills Scrape, where a couple of birders were listening to the distinctive reeling from, perhaps, fifty yards into the reedbed. Eventually, after a few frustratingly fleeting glimpses, we all managed somewhat obscured views. Other interesting birds on site included two Spoonbills, two Whimbrel and a Hooded / Carrion Crow Hybrid. Several Bearded Tits and Groppers flitted about, and the other two picked out a distant Wheatear.

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