Saturday, 29 April 2017


Oh the frustration! At 9.45, as Linda and I were driving into Norwich on the A47, an immature White-tailed Eagle flew low over the road northwards (towards Whitlingham Country Park) Since it was only about 100 feet above us we had fabulous views but, with no camera in the car (I always have a camera as a rule!) and nowhere to stop, we had to be content with our terrific views of this amazing bird. It was HUGE! I've seen half a dozen in Norfolk before, but never this close..

After a quick shop, we came home early to phone RBA: amazingly there was a White Stork in a field south of the A47 just before the A146 turn-off - presumably a Thrigby bird.

In the absence of a photo, here's a somewhat crummy picture I drew of a Hickling WTE in November 1990!

Post script
A White-tailed Eagle was seen over Norwich shortly afterwards...

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