Thursday, 22 May 2014


Just a brief foray to Strumpshaw today (still dripping with cold!)

I met up with Brian & Kim in Fen Hide, who said there had been a 'flock' of three Cuckoos flying around: this is something I'd never seen before. I didn't have to wait long: everywhere we walked / looked there were Cuckoos! I reckon there were more than just the three individuals that flew around the reed beds: there were others along the river bank and towards Brundall. The Harriers seemed to be irritated by the Cuckoos, chasing and mobbing them continually.

A Bittern took us all by surprise, flying in from behind the hide and dropping into the reeds: this was emulated later on by another that popped up and down to the west of Lackford Run. Lots of Marsh Harriers displaying and food-passing, as well as Whitethroats, Reed & Sedge Warblers, a Gropper near Tower Hide and the first three Red Admirals we'd seen this year.

No sign of any Swallowtails (or Cranes today) but all three of us had to leave before midday, so maybe other people were more fortunate later.....The best Cuckoo shots courtesy of Brian Tubby!

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