Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bitterns and more Buzzards than you'd believe!

A short walk with Brian was both enjoyable and productive, with decent views of many of the Fen's specialities.

Fen Hide was the place to be, with flight views of a female Bittern being mobbed by gulls and at least two family groups of Bearded Tits. Walking round to the Buckenham gate gave us unexpected close-ups of a pair of Hares, doing all the mad stuff apart from boxing! A final stop at Reception allowed the best views of the morning of the same female Bittern!

As I drove towards Broadland Business Park (cash & carry stop!) I noticed a group of circling birds: from the Makro car park, I could see through the binoculars that it was a 'kettle' of 26 Buzzards. The biurds were too high for photography, but an impressive sight nonetheless....

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