Sunday, 22 June 2014

Filby Lesser Emperor!

Linda & I snatched an hour at Filby to look for the long-staying Lesser Emperor. I had assumed the 'boardwalk' mentioned online was the one that runs out to the little platform / screen to the north of the bridge, but half an hour spent looking at every possible spot drew a blank. There were several cars in the carpark, so it seemed logical to check the south side of the bridge (which is not so much a boardwalk as a group of fishing stages.)

Anyhow: we bumped into a couple of familiar faces who had seen the target dragonfly shortly before we arrived. A little patience and Linda & I enjoyed good views (but a single poor photo!) of this fast-flying vagrant. Having observed the characteristic glowing blue saddle, I am much happier that Brian I saw one last week at Gun Hill...

There were several other species to enliven the long waiting periods between fly-bys: Emperor, Red-eyed Damsel, Norfolk Hawker and Black-tailed Skimmer being the most abundant.

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