Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sticking with Booted!

Today, as I was driving between Acle and South Walsham, a palish Buzzard-sized raptor with dark primaries and secondaries flew in front and over my van at around the same distance as the putative Booted Eagle I mentioned here on May 26th. Know what? I instantly recognised it as a Buzzard! It was just totally different in - well: jizz! Notwithstanding the sceptical (and occasionally ribald) comments, I'm still 99% sure that Linda & I got the i/d right:

1) I've seen quite a few BEs in France and thousands of Buzzards in all phases / ages / places / states of light!
2) Apart from a single sighting, the bird was observed on an obvious chronologically credible path from Norwich to the North Coast.

I don't intend submitting the bird (apart from one submission two years ago, like many birders, I've sort of given up on that!) But I did get a good look at the bird, and if anyone else who saw it wants a supporting description, feel free to e-mail or message me!

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