Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Back for seconds at Gorleston and Storks at Acle!

Since Brian was free from mid-morning, we met up at the Fen, only to find that the reedbeds were full of diggers and work-parties. Just before he arrived I'm certain I heard a Penduline Tit quite close to Fen Hide. One of the Reed Mace stems was moving, so I put the camera down and scanned with binoculars: two small, brown, grey and black birds flitted up and away overhead! Very frustrating - the lady next to me saw them as well! Brian hadn't seen the Desert Wheatear, so - despite a strong, cold  easterly wind - we headed eastwards.

On the way I spotted three large white blobs to the north of the A47:  Brian confirmed them to be White Storks. The first place we could stop was a layby half a mile further along: the walk back was, to say the least, a little 'hairy'!

We arrived at Gorleston to negative news, but I felt sure the bird was still around. After a bit of a wait another birder located the Desert Wheatear skulking among Marram Grass. Eventually it emerged to give terrific views to the half-dozen of us braving the gale.

After Brian treated me to lunch we drove back to Strumpshaw, where we noticed a pure white Pheasant by the road: she'll have a short life I fear!


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