Thursday, 6 November 2014

Twite nice!

Brian & I seized the moment and made an early start at Walcott, picking up a group of three Cranes on the way. The sea was still 'lively', but the wind was in the wrong direction: nevertheless, we managed to pick out half a dozen Little Auks tazzing by!

Waxham added a couple more Little Auks but little else, so we headed to Yarmouth, parking in Asda and walking under the bridge to Breydon. Some very confiding Little Egrets and a couple of Kingfishers added to our enjoyment of this beautiful spot, but it seemed obvious we were in for a long walk!

Eight miles round-trip, in fact! But we were rewarded with reasonable views of three or perhaps four Rough-legged Buzzards (including two together on occasion) and a flock of around twenty smart little Twite.

Home via a Mandarin-free Lingwood duckpond and Strumpshaw, where the lonely female Goldeneye still trudged up and down Reception Broad...

Many thanks to Brian Tubby for this excellent image!


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