Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Year list

I haven't bothered to work out an annual total for ages: I tend to devote most of my energy to the local patch and wildlife photography these days.

Just out of interest, however, I thought I'd have a tot-up: to my amazement I've seen 216 species this year, only a handful of which have been outside Norfolk (four in Suffolk, one in Devon!) Even more surprisingly, I've managed photographs of all of them!

I suppose my photography highlights have been:

* Hawfinch
* Two-barred Crossbill
* Spectacled Warbler
* Steppe Grey Shrike
* Desert Wheatear

Not great photos, but decent records of some really nice birds....

I wonder what number I'll finish the year on? Some obvious additions might be Smew, Great Northern, Black-necked Grebe and Red-breasted Goose. Fingers crossed!

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